Thursday, August 16, 2012

Status of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg dropped for a day at $ 600 million to the lowest level since

Status of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg dropped for a day at $ 600 million to the lowest level since May IPO social networks because of the sharp drop in shares of the company's trading results on the Nasdaq on Thursday, reports Bloomberg.
Shares of Facebook in the first hour of trading on the Nasdaq on Thursday fell by 7%, reaching a historic low - 19.69 dollars. By the end of day trading securities of social networks played a part of the fall, to close at 19.87 dollars per share.
Impact on market conditions could the fact that expired on Thursday a moratorium on the sale of 271.1 million shares of Facebook for early investors and employees of the social network. This is approximately 60% increased the amount of shares that may be involved in the transactions.
According to the analytical index Bloomberg Billonaires Index, the state of 28-year old head of Facebook is estimated to date to $ 10.2 billion. This is the lowest figure for Zuckerberg's social network since the IPO, which took place on May 18 this year.
"The market is not confident in the future, Facebook", - told Bloomberg the author of The Facebook Effect, David Kirkpatrick (David Kirkpartrick). According to him, Zuckerberg, probably not too concerned about reducing their own state, but examines how this situation could affect the strategic development of the company.
The cost of shares of Facebook, owned by the founders of social networks, also significantly decreased in the last three months. For example, Dustin Moskovitz, who owns 133.7 million shares, lost in this time of the order of 2.4 billion dollars, and the cost of the package, Eduardo Saverin decreased by 960 million dollars. Christopher Hughes, who owns 22 million shares of social networks, has lost about $ 400 million from the IPO.
Facebook will not comment on the results of the Bloomberg Billonaires Index.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Official information on Facebook (

Official information on Facebook (
In this article you'll learn about where you can always find a reliable and, above all formal and timely information on the social networking site Facebook (Facebook), as well as learn about all new developments.
Due to the fact that the social network has just started to conquer the vast domestic Runet recently, it goes on a lot of rumors and many users are not able to distinguish them from the truth. In addition, due to the fact that Facebook recently started to support the Russian language in the domestic Internet, a number of clones, which are now successfully encrypted under the given social network, and confuse the domestic user.
So, if you want to always be aware of what Facebook is breathing, then I advise you to regularly visit the following pages:
Facebook's official blog site.The official Facebook blog. This is where the company publishes information about the most recent innovation. Unfortunately, while the blog Facebook information published in English only, but may soon come a Russian translation. In the meantime, advise you to use the service transfer from Google or Yandex.
Official Facebook page.Official Facebook page. here as well as a blog published important information about the social network. However, without knowledge of the English language as you unfortunately can not do.
Still, the main sources of information on facebook are informal, and set out the information they do not always correspond to reality. However, the neglect of these sources (especially in the absence of the Russian-language versions of the Facebook blog) I do not advise it.

Legal Music on Facebook for Russian-speaking users!

Legal Music on Facebook for Russian-speaking users!
Good news! Finally, and Russian-speaking users can listen to music on Facebook!
However the big sensation still has not happened. Facebook proved to be true to yourself and at the heart of the process put the legality of the content and copyright protection. Speaking on a simple all the music on Facebook 100% legal, and unlike the Touch, Facebook did not select a server to download music tracks, and signed a contract with two, the largest (at least in the RuNet) music services Zvooq Music and Yandex.
All that the user is required is to configure broadcast audio tracks from a music or Yandek Zvooq on Facebook. Of course listening to the tracks going directly to their servers, but Facebook only displays a playlist of everything that people listened.
Despite some confusion (at least on paper) of the process, I believe that this technology - it is a serious blow to the music services VKontakte and classmates for anyway - a legal track on good speakers sound is always better than converted to mp3 file .

Facebook will show the positions of the pages to which you have never subscribed

Facebook will show the positions of the pages to which you have never subscribed

Rapidly losing the capitalization Facebook desperately needs money, so testing a new type of advertising is even more haunting and inseparable from the records of these friends.

A full account (with photos) pages that the user has never signed, and not "laykal" will appear in his news feed, if the owners will pay the appropriate placement of Facebook. Previously, the page could get a non-layknuvshih users only through the ads in the side advertising panel or clearly separated from other content-sponsored stories (which were also taken ill.)

A new kind of advertising will appear in a large and mobile versions zombsotsseti.

Facebook - note the message for deferred reading

Facebook - note the message for deferred reading

New function Save for Later is on the iPhone

Probably many of us start looking through your day with news feeds on Facebook. And often times in the morning on a very small, and the new posts, including potentially interesting, a lot. That would be possible to somehow mark the long texts or links to read them later! She came up with this idea? Now it is possible - Facebook came up with a new feature - Save for Later, and you can already test the it on your iPhone. Then she would appear on the plates and the "big" web.

To save the message for later, you have to press a finger at him and hold. A button «Save», press, and the news goes to a special folder, where you can read it later.

Facebook will build a newsfeed from any brand advertising

Facebook will build a newsfeed from any brand advertising
Yandeks.Zakladkah save save save to Google Bookmarks Delicious
Social network Facebook is preparing to test a new advertising service that will enable companies to integrate advertising in a news users, regardless of whether they have set or one of their friends, "Laika" on page brand.
According to rumors, the company will be able to target my own ads on the basis of the information specified in the user profiles of social network. Currently in the news reports appear only those companies that the user himself or for himself noted noted by his friends.
"These ads will look like the other reports in the news, but will be marked as advertisements. This will be a small check in the course of which we will be able to get constant feedback from the audience to improve our marketing services "- quoted Facebook representative Annie Ta (Annie Ta) AdWeek.
Until this year, Facebook news feed was not advertising, but in January, these messages started to appear. This feature, according to founder Mark Zuckerberg network, brings the company about $ 1 million a day. Zuckerberg also said earlier that the administration will limit the number of Facebook advertising to maintain "quality of news feeds." Recently, Facebook also has been started beta testing a new promotional tool for the advancement of mobile programs.Help "Ruformatora"FacebookThe company: FacebookFacebook - the popular social network, launched February 4, 2004. The founder of the service is Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg). By the summer of 2010 on the site was ...

Traders believe that Harvard hastened by buying shares of Facebook

Traders believe that Harvard hastened by buying shares of Facebook
Traders believe that Harvard hastened by buying shares of Facebook popular US-based company called Harvard Management Co, which controls all the assets of the prestigious and richest in the world, Harvard University, bought a large stake in the social network Facebook, which is owned by Mark Zuckerberg, a former student at Harvard . With regard to the amount of the deal, it amounted to 46.14 thousand dollars.What people think about this purchase, analysts and traders the world's leading companies, brokers, found out in the "Russian News" journalists "Market Leader".
Harvard University - this is a very prestigious school specializing in different areas, except for the exchange, leading experts explain the project better learning forex and stock exchanges in Europe 2009-2012, the Academy of Masterforex-V. The world is always appreciated and respected experts from Harvard.
In addition, as experts believe, was a mistake to purchase shares of the company, which is just located in the bearish trend on U.S. exchanges. This acquisition relates to the class failed, because the most likely course of actions Facebook will decline further.Many investors, which imposes high hopes on the social network Facebook, in the end had to incur losses and more than once. They received only information about the loss of Facebook, instead of the desired profits, which were to arise after the transformation of messages and advertising pages.
The last statement of this kind - a report of the second quarter of 2012, which dealt with the company for damages in the amount of 157 million dollars.
During the second quarter of Facebook has been invested far more resources than the previous year. Such expenses of the company rose to 413 million dollars, three times.Harvard University is a prestigious educational institution in the field of law. Dentistry, political scientists, design, but do not trade on an exchange, assume an analyst at broker FX Clearing. It is unlikely that the authority of the university will be able to influence the trend is bearish sentiment of the largest investors. The amount held on the purchase of $ 436.17 thousand U.S. dollars is not very large for American stock exchanges, and for Harvard University, so no major changes for the better for investors and traders in the shares of Facebook and will not be. It is likely that, due to ill-considered purchase of shares will be a series of negative statements and accusations of incompetence, representatives from Harvard.