Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Legal Music on Facebook for Russian-speaking users!

Legal Music on Facebook for Russian-speaking users!
Good news! Finally, and Russian-speaking users can listen to music on Facebook!
However the big sensation still has not happened. Facebook proved to be true to yourself and at the heart of the process put the legality of the content and copyright protection. Speaking on a simple all the music on Facebook 100% legal, and unlike the Touch, Facebook did not select a server to download music tracks, and signed a contract with two, the largest (at least in the RuNet) music services Zvooq Music and Yandex.
All that the user is required is to configure broadcast audio tracks from a music or Yandek Zvooq on Facebook. Of course listening to the tracks going directly to their servers, but Facebook only displays a playlist of everything that people listened.
Despite some confusion (at least on paper) of the process, I believe that this technology - it is a serious blow to the music services VKontakte and classmates for anyway - a legal track on good speakers sound is always better than converted to mp3 file .

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