Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Traders believe that Harvard hastened by buying shares of Facebook

Traders believe that Harvard hastened by buying shares of Facebook
Traders believe that Harvard hastened by buying shares of Facebook popular US-based company called Harvard Management Co, which controls all the assets of the prestigious and richest in the world, Harvard University, bought a large stake in the social network Facebook, which is owned by Mark Zuckerberg, a former student at Harvard . With regard to the amount of the deal, it amounted to 46.14 thousand dollars.What people think about this purchase, analysts and traders the world's leading companies, brokers, found out in the "Russian News" journalists "Market Leader".
Harvard University - this is a very prestigious school specializing in different areas, except for the exchange, leading experts explain the project better learning forex and stock exchanges in Europe 2009-2012, the Academy of Masterforex-V. The world is always appreciated and respected experts from Harvard.
In addition, as experts believe, was a mistake to purchase shares of the company, which is just located in the bearish trend on U.S. exchanges. This acquisition relates to the class failed, because the most likely course of actions Facebook will decline further.Many investors, which imposes high hopes on the social network Facebook, in the end had to incur losses and more than once. They received only information about the loss of Facebook, instead of the desired profits, which were to arise after the transformation of messages and advertising pages.
The last statement of this kind - a report of the second quarter of 2012, which dealt with the company for damages in the amount of 157 million dollars.
During the second quarter of Facebook has been invested far more resources than the previous year. Such expenses of the company rose to 413 million dollars, three times.Harvard University is a prestigious educational institution in the field of law. Dentistry, political scientists, design, but do not trade on an exchange, assume an analyst at broker FX Clearing. It is unlikely that the authority of the university will be able to influence the trend is bearish sentiment of the largest investors. The amount held on the purchase of $ 436.17 thousand U.S. dollars is not very large for American stock exchanges, and for Harvard University, so no major changes for the better for investors and traders in the shares of Facebook and will not be. It is likely that, due to ill-considered purchase of shares will be a series of negative statements and accusations of incompetence, representatives from Harvard.

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