Wednesday, August 15, 2012

In Facebook verified profiles appear

In Facebook verified profiles appear
Social network Facebook has provided an opportunity famous celebrities, journalists, athletes, politicians and others who have a lot of readers in subscriptions, the opportunity to prove his identity. It is assumed that this will help avoid duplication of mass profiles znametityh people.
"The new technology allows people to verify their identity by presenting a copy of your ID card," - say representatives of Facebook.
After this test, they will also have the ability to display an alternate name (stage name, nickname, maiden name, author name, etc.) for its news feeds in addition to its present name. For example, users with many followers today receive messages on Facebook to confirm their identity.
The advantages of confirming the identity of celebrities have touted the site co-founder of social network Mark Zuckerberg Facebook at a conference for developers.
As Twitter has long been a reality check of public persons, as a way to build confidence in the veracity of "tweets."

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