Thursday, August 16, 2012

Status of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg dropped for a day at $ 600 million to the lowest level since

Status of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg dropped for a day at $ 600 million to the lowest level since May IPO social networks because of the sharp drop in shares of the company's trading results on the Nasdaq on Thursday, reports Bloomberg.
Shares of Facebook in the first hour of trading on the Nasdaq on Thursday fell by 7%, reaching a historic low - 19.69 dollars. By the end of day trading securities of social networks played a part of the fall, to close at 19.87 dollars per share.
Impact on market conditions could the fact that expired on Thursday a moratorium on the sale of 271.1 million shares of Facebook for early investors and employees of the social network. This is approximately 60% increased the amount of shares that may be involved in the transactions.
According to the analytical index Bloomberg Billonaires Index, the state of 28-year old head of Facebook is estimated to date to $ 10.2 billion. This is the lowest figure for Zuckerberg's social network since the IPO, which took place on May 18 this year.
"The market is not confident in the future, Facebook", - told Bloomberg the author of The Facebook Effect, David Kirkpatrick (David Kirkpartrick). According to him, Zuckerberg, probably not too concerned about reducing their own state, but examines how this situation could affect the strategic development of the company.
The cost of shares of Facebook, owned by the founders of social networks, also significantly decreased in the last three months. For example, Dustin Moskovitz, who owns 133.7 million shares, lost in this time of the order of 2.4 billion dollars, and the cost of the package, Eduardo Saverin decreased by 960 million dollars. Christopher Hughes, who owns 22 million shares of social networks, has lost about $ 400 million from the IPO.
Facebook will not comment on the results of the Bloomberg Billonaires Index.

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