Wednesday, August 15, 2012

«Save For Later» - a new feature of Facebook

«Save For Later» - a new feature of Facebook
Save For Later on FacebookFacebook pleased its users feature «Save For Later», allowing to store information in order to read it later. The required content falls into the designated folder in which you can access from any device on which you are authorized.
While the new functionality was tested for the case is not for everyone, because it is available only to users with devices on iOS and Android. On the desktop «Save For Later» will be available shortly.
When this feature appears in the account, Facebook, the user sees in the news the following message: "Press and hold the news that you have chosen for further study in order to save her."
The functionality provided by Facebook, has approximately the same principle, which is implemented in many other companies and sites: you can simply mark a status update from one of his friends, and it immediately turns the folder «Saved», accessible only to you.
With the option «Save For Later» Facebook will be able to compete with many reputable sites, whether or Instapaper Flipboard. They also allow all who wish to delay news and other information available on the Internet for later study.
However, the new Facebook feature takes a somewhat different position than the one that employs the aforementioned competitors, but the overall direction of the selected social network can be called correct. This step is similar to updating Facebook, what happened not so long ago, when the users allowed to make lists of friends with a "favorite" and, separately, to subscribe to the news of the various brands.
In addition, the company this week, Facebook was made a statement that it has plans to improve the algorithms for working with photos, but it is going to provide users with the ability to mark a variety of images as "favorite". In the future, they are more likely to be seen in the news photos of the people whose pictures they used to define a "favorite."
At the moment the function «Save For Later» and «Favorit», designed for photos, mostly available in the U.S.. But users in other countries do not need to worry, because the for these mass update will come later. Moreover, it has come to a part of mobile devices. Wait is quite a bit!

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