Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Facebook LiveJournal in Russia ahead of the number of visitors

Facebook LiveJournal in Russia ahead of the number of visitorsFacebook operedel Livejournal
Facebook operedel Livejournal
At the end of last month, according to company TNS Facebook for the first time ahead of Russia's most popular blogging platform Livejournal. Facebook Audience in Russia in October amounted to more than 13.4 million users, while the audience Livejournal was only 13 million unique visitors. It should be clarified that in October an active social network audience was 4.868 million users, so that it can be assumed that the majority of TNS in the calculation is the transition of social plugins installed at many sites you'll ever need.Despite the fact that most visitors to Facebook in Russia are registered users, Facebook representative in Russia Ekaterina Skorobogatova reports that in a social network there are more pages to which access is open without registration.
Now LiveJournal due to problems with availability, and attacks on its servers, lost part of its ongoing audience, and returned to a performance in 2010, while Facebook is constantly gaining momentum. Head Livejournal Russia Ilya Dronov said that is not quite correct to compare Facebook and Livejournal, because they are completely different things: the social network blogohosting.
Just Learn new leadership promises to take measures that will regain the popularity of the service. So in the plans are going to completely remove the Livejournal ads allow users to place any advertising, and theirs with the most advertising pages disappear service. Such competition should go only to the benefit of users.

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