Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Held IPO Facebook

In the evening took place on May 17th starting togrov shares and an IPO of social network Facebook. Total kompaniney produced more than 421 million shares. Initial public offering took place on the top of the price range: the value of one security was 38 U.S. dollars. According to the official release of the company's shares on the NASDAQ togruyutsya under the ticker FB.

So now we can say that the social network Facebook has managed to attract up to U.S. $ 16 billion and the value of the company according to this assessment amounted to more than 104 billion dollars. It should be noted that the scrip does not include the possible sale of 63 million additional shares in the 30-day option for the underwriters (63.18 million additional shares of Class A), attracted by the amount of money sredstvr can grow for another several billion dollars.

Such an IPO did Mark Zuckerberg the founder of the network (who recently turned 28 years old), the 29th richest person on the planet, and its state sechas estimated at $ 19.1 billion

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