Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Post to Facebook: necessity or luxury?

Post to Facebook: necessity or luxury?
 Post to Facebook FacebookBez notice replaces the address in your e-mail users Recall feysbukovskaya-mail was introduced in 2010: it was thought that it was "kill" a giant, even Gmail, but has not achieved much success. Perhaps this is why social networks are now the team is trying to promote their product as questionable methods such as forced change of address.
Users' questions, why not just about innovation no one asked, but did not feel the need to notify, a spokesman for Facebook said the changes were advertised in April this year, and there is no compulsion - the user can always change the address by going to settings.
However, it is likely that many will not know about the new mail, or prefer not to change it.
By itself, E-mail Facebook is no worse than usual. But keep in mind: the letters that it considers spam are automatically deposited in your "Other". And the owner does not receive any notification.
To change the settings, open your profile and in the box "Personal Information" to open the "Details". Then go on the block "Contact", edit it and choose which email address to hide from the chronicles of, and what to show. Click "Save Changes".

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