Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New button on Facebook

New button on Facebook
In addition to the button "I like» (Like) social networking site Facebook plans to launch several new buttons by which users will be able to recommend music to friends, books and videos, as well as to indicate that they are listened to, read and watched. The functionality of the social network plans to expand buttons Read («I read it»), Listened («listen») and Watched («I looked").
Buttons "I read," "listened" and "looked" should appear in the social network in September 2011. The buttons will be available for the materials directly to each user's news feed Facebook. In addition to these buttons, Facebook plans to soon launch a series of buttons of social commerce. It is already known about the appearance of a new button Want («I»). This functionality has long been used in online stores and other social networks (the same as Twitter). View, take root there similar lists of desires in a social network.
According to sources, this innovation will focus on the slogan of the conference F8 developers - «Read. Watch. Listen »(« Read. Look. Listen "), which will be held today, Sept. 22. More details about all the news from the conference will inform readers m³ shortly.
In addition, let you know that last week, Facebook has introduced a new button Subscribe («Subscribe»), which allows you to edit the content of the news stream by allowing them to monitor for new messages, even people who are not friends. This functionality has been "borrowed" from Twitter.

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