Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Advertise now and in the news Facebook

Advertise now and in the news Facebook
Advertising in the news announcement Facebook Advertising Facebook, which previously appeared in the right column («sponsores stories»), will now be displayed directly to users in the news. From now on a limited number of users of USA, UK, Avtsralii and New Zealand saw their news feeds with new social and promotional offers that show how their friends interact with different brands.
Otlyuchit display of such advertising is not available to users, but if desired it can be removed manually. A new form of advertising advertisements featured stories in the search giant announced late last year. The new species will be featured advertisements are now much more difficult to distinguish from the usual news, as they at first vzgyal no different from themselves the news. The only difference - Featured mark next to the date news.
Looks new ads in the film as follows:
Sponsored ads that appear on the right side of the user profile will continue to be marked as advertising. However, Facebook is considering changing their name in the future.

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