Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Its own Facebook from the Russian government?

Its own Facebook from the Russian government?
Social Network of the Russian edition of The Guardian pravitelstvaBritanskoe says, while the Chinese government monitors popular social network in Russia, the authorities intend to start your own social network.
According to The Guardian, the Russian government is going to create a network similar to Facebook, where you can share links, images and video. As a basis for future social networks will take the existing services that are intended for online communication between public officials and filed a complaint and proposals by citizens.
Presumably, an initiative of the ruling circles due to the fact that social media have become a powerful weapon in the hands of community activists. As a general rule, meetings of citizens, acting in connection with political events in Russia, organized through social networks. A new opposition leaders were well known for keeping notes, social networking and blogs.
If you created at the request of the government will become a popular social network, the administration will be a great opportunity to censor records and reports of users. However, the developers will be able to promote this product? After all, Russia already has leaders such as Facebook, Classmates and Facebook. Hardly anyone wants to go from them to the network, which is controlled by the state.

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