Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Facebook described how users deal with complaints

Facebook described how users deal with complaints
On the official Facebook blog entry was published, revealing yet another mystery inside the kitchen. What happens when the user presses the button "complaint" and thus inform the administration about the abusive messages or comments?
It turns out that to deal with complaints, there are special teams, each specializing in certain subjects: racial hatred, sexual harassment, spamming. They are also looking statements about the threats of vandalism, drug use, suicidal tendencies. If the administration of Facebook are serious grounds to believe a crime is entitled to contact the police or call the hotline in crisis situations. It is logical that the focus of the police will not only user, who is complaining, but the one who complained. So if you do not want so much attention to yourself, think twice before you write the administration.
Elaborate scheme of the complaint (click on the picture above to enlarge) includes the concept of social REPORTING. This is a new option that Facebook launched in March 2012. Social REPORTING allows you to pitch directly to your friends - so they were able to resolve your conflict with the user. Thus, users are able to resolve part of the incident itself.

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