Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Facebook has more than 80 million bots

Facebook has more than 80 million bots
Social network Facebook announced that 8.7% of active accounts (about 83 million accounts) have violated the rules for use of the network: it dubrirovannye accounts, accounts of organizations and spam-bots.
In its quarterly report updated the Facebook accounts of incorrect data on the number of which now boasts 83 million users already. The company estimates that 4.8 percent of the 955 million monthly active users - dubbed akkanty. For example, a user can use one account to communicate with friends at work, and the other used for family and close friends.
The same Facebook reports that 2.4 percent of accounts - accounts incorrectly categorized, for example creating a personal profile for the business, organization, or a pet. On Facebook, under the terms of the social network service, such accounts are to be pages.
Facebook also estimates that 1.5 percent of monthly active users - "junk accounts" that do not belong to real people and are designed for spam or other purposes that violate the rules of social networking.

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