Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Completed ballot to change the Facebook privacy policy

Completed ballot to change the Facebook privacy policy
Facebook privatnostVosmogo June completed an online vote on changes to the privacy policy of user information. Nick voted clearly against the proposed innovation, but, alas, their voices are too small to influence the decision of the founders of Facebook.
In an application that allows familiar with the old and new versions of the privacy policy and the "Regulations on rights and responsibilities," noted: the vote will be taken into account under the condition that it will be attended by at least 30% of the users of Facebook, that is, More than 270 million people.
Since the turnout of only 342,600 users, their opinion will be advisory in nature. It is remarkable: only 13% of voters supported the innovation, the other opposed. "It is disappointing that only a very small percentage of people registered their opinion," said spokesman Jamie Skopflin Facebook.
According to activist groups Europe vs Facebook, which provoked a vote, the administration of social networking is not enough highlighted the forthcoming "elections", and many users do not even know about it - and therefore could not participate.

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