Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Facebook launched Messenger for Windows

Facebook launched Messenger for Windows
This news may make people more dependent on social network Facebook. The world's largest social networking site has officially launched the Facebook Messenger for Windows. Facebook Messenger is a standalone application that allows you to communicate with friends on Facebook chat on Windows 7.

Messenger lets you send instant messages, receive notifications and read news feed. In other words, this application allows the use of Facebook, not on most social networking site.
It should be noted that the Facebook Messenger can significantly undermine the position of other chat clients. It should also increase the activity of users of social networks, make spending more time on Facebook and will provide transitions desktop software to the site through ticker messages and notifications.
Friends with whom the user communicates constantly, will appear at the top of the list, a separate unit. Group chat and video while in the application are not available. Privacy settings are taken from the settings of your profile. Download and install the Facebook Messenger, please visit

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