Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Scams on Facebook

Scams on Facebook
Fraud in FacebookFacebook with its 900 millionth user audience not only attracts advertisers, and online scams. With the help of free applications and more effectively the content they infect users' computers.
The classical scheme of fraud - hacking the account sending spam to friends and asked to borrow money. How does it work? Users will enter their user name and password to a fake Facebook page, and thus open the way for violators. When a person logs on to your page, Facebook is no longer asks him to enter their data again. But if you have installed and followed the link and the page, similar to home, asks to re-enter login and password, you should know: it's crooks want to get access to your profile.
Clearly fraudulent application Profile Visitor supposedly shows the user "guest" of his page. The application shall publish on the wall by the picture and a link to another site, and your friends are notified that they are marked in this picture. Clicking on the picture, you automatically get a malicious site. He or infect your computer, or request the data with which to cause financial harm. For example, ask for a phone number and will send to mobile code that supposedly will help inform you about visiting your page or anything like that. In fact, entering the code, you subscribe to a paid service, and monthly from your account the amount will go.

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