Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Official information on Facebook (

Official information on Facebook (
In this article you'll learn about where you can always find a reliable and, above all formal and timely information on the social networking site Facebook (Facebook), as well as learn about all new developments.
Due to the fact that the social network has just started to conquer the vast domestic Runet recently, it goes on a lot of rumors and many users are not able to distinguish them from the truth. In addition, due to the fact that Facebook recently started to support the Russian language in the domestic Internet, a number of clones, which are now successfully encrypted under the given social network, and confuse the domestic user.
So, if you want to always be aware of what Facebook is breathing, then I advise you to regularly visit the following pages:
Facebook's official blog site.The official Facebook blog. This is where the company publishes information about the most recent innovation. Unfortunately, while the blog Facebook information published in English only, but may soon come a Russian translation. In the meantime, advise you to use the service transfer from Google or Yandex.
Official Facebook page.Official Facebook page. here as well as a blog published important information about the social network. However, without knowledge of the English language as you unfortunately can not do.
Still, the main sources of information on facebook are informal, and set out the information they do not always correspond to reality. However, the neglect of these sources (especially in the absence of the Russian-language versions of the Facebook blog) I do not advise it.

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