Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Facebook launched the icons to denote same-sex marriage

According to Mashable. one of the world's leading social networks Facebook showed the world the new designation of same-sex marriages in which the usual pair of "bride and groom" can now be changed to the picture of same-sex couples.
Now, you can specify the same-sex relationships, and specifically to display the status of relations, was first noticed by bloggers this possibility, when the founders of a social network (Chris Hughes), Chris Hughes on the site showed the marriage to work with a partner (Sean Eldridge) Eldridge Shawn. Icon representing a same-sex relationships Marriage is a picture in the form of two suitors.
Facebook launched the icons to denote same-sex marriage
But Facebook's not the first time supports gay marriage because of the new features. Social Network has dobalvyala in February 2011 with a version of "marital status" extension option "domestic partnership" and "civil union" that assessed and approved gay supporters.
In addition, together with the corporation, or GLAAD Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation have been active in the fight against threats and jeers - a cyber-bullying = about people with same-sex relationships in sotseseti. Today the company is also actively involved in several organizations in support of gay - of communities. The company became the first web - a resource which has received the Media Award GLAAD Award for its support of LGBT organizations (a term that appeared in the English language to refer to sexual minorities as a whole, which includes bisexual, gay, transgender and lesbian).
Same-sex relationships can now be registered as married couples in many countries around the world, which also includes Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, Canada and other countries.
In some U.S. states are also allowed same-sex relationships, as in the capital Meksisi. But these relationships are more limited in comparison with the family, in the legal sense of "same-sex partnerships" (civil unions or civil partnerships), which are written in most countries of Northern and Western Europe.
And this is another advantage of Facebook over other social networks.

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