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Status of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg dropped for a day at $ 600 million to the lowest level since

Status of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg dropped for a day at $ 600 million to the lowest level since May IPO social networks because of the sharp drop in shares of the company's trading results on the Nasdaq on Thursday, reports Bloomberg.
Shares of Facebook in the first hour of trading on the Nasdaq on Thursday fell by 7%, reaching a historic low - 19.69 dollars. By the end of day trading securities of social networks played a part of the fall, to close at 19.87 dollars per share.
Impact on market conditions could the fact that expired on Thursday a moratorium on the sale of 271.1 million shares of Facebook for early investors and employees of the social network. This is approximately 60% increased the amount of shares that may be involved in the transactions.
According to the analytical index Bloomberg Billonaires Index, the state of 28-year old head of Facebook is estimated to date to $ 10.2 billion. This is the lowest figure for Zuckerberg's social network since the IPO, which took place on May 18 this year.
"The market is not confident in the future, Facebook", - told Bloomberg the author of The Facebook Effect, David Kirkpatrick (David Kirkpartrick). According to him, Zuckerberg, probably not too concerned about reducing their own state, but examines how this situation could affect the strategic development of the company.
The cost of shares of Facebook, owned by the founders of social networks, also significantly decreased in the last three months. For example, Dustin Moskovitz, who owns 133.7 million shares, lost in this time of the order of 2.4 billion dollars, and the cost of the package, Eduardo Saverin decreased by 960 million dollars. Christopher Hughes, who owns 22 million shares of social networks, has lost about $ 400 million from the IPO.
Facebook will not comment on the results of the Bloomberg Billonaires Index.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Official information on Facebook (

Official information on Facebook (
In this article you'll learn about where you can always find a reliable and, above all formal and timely information on the social networking site Facebook (Facebook), as well as learn about all new developments.
Due to the fact that the social network has just started to conquer the vast domestic Runet recently, it goes on a lot of rumors and many users are not able to distinguish them from the truth. In addition, due to the fact that Facebook recently started to support the Russian language in the domestic Internet, a number of clones, which are now successfully encrypted under the given social network, and confuse the domestic user.
So, if you want to always be aware of what Facebook is breathing, then I advise you to regularly visit the following pages:
Facebook's official blog site.The official Facebook blog. This is where the company publishes information about the most recent innovation. Unfortunately, while the blog Facebook information published in English only, but may soon come a Russian translation. In the meantime, advise you to use the service transfer from Google or Yandex.
Official Facebook page.Official Facebook page. here as well as a blog published important information about the social network. However, without knowledge of the English language as you unfortunately can not do.
Still, the main sources of information on facebook are informal, and set out the information they do not always correspond to reality. However, the neglect of these sources (especially in the absence of the Russian-language versions of the Facebook blog) I do not advise it.

Legal Music on Facebook for Russian-speaking users!

Legal Music on Facebook for Russian-speaking users!
Good news! Finally, and Russian-speaking users can listen to music on Facebook!
However the big sensation still has not happened. Facebook proved to be true to yourself and at the heart of the process put the legality of the content and copyright protection. Speaking on a simple all the music on Facebook 100% legal, and unlike the Touch, Facebook did not select a server to download music tracks, and signed a contract with two, the largest (at least in the RuNet) music services Zvooq Music and Yandex.
All that the user is required is to configure broadcast audio tracks from a music or Yandek Zvooq on Facebook. Of course listening to the tracks going directly to their servers, but Facebook only displays a playlist of everything that people listened.
Despite some confusion (at least on paper) of the process, I believe that this technology - it is a serious blow to the music services VKontakte and classmates for anyway - a legal track on good speakers sound is always better than converted to mp3 file .

Facebook will show the positions of the pages to which you have never subscribed

Facebook will show the positions of the pages to which you have never subscribed

Rapidly losing the capitalization Facebook desperately needs money, so testing a new type of advertising is even more haunting and inseparable from the records of these friends.

A full account (with photos) pages that the user has never signed, and not "laykal" will appear in his news feed, if the owners will pay the appropriate placement of Facebook. Previously, the page could get a non-layknuvshih users only through the ads in the side advertising panel or clearly separated from other content-sponsored stories (which were also taken ill.)

A new kind of advertising will appear in a large and mobile versions zombsotsseti.

Facebook - note the message for deferred reading

Facebook - note the message for deferred reading

New function Save for Later is on the iPhone

Probably many of us start looking through your day with news feeds on Facebook. And often times in the morning on a very small, and the new posts, including potentially interesting, a lot. That would be possible to somehow mark the long texts or links to read them later! She came up with this idea? Now it is possible - Facebook came up with a new feature - Save for Later, and you can already test the it on your iPhone. Then she would appear on the plates and the "big" web.

To save the message for later, you have to press a finger at him and hold. A button «Save», press, and the news goes to a special folder, where you can read it later.

Facebook will build a newsfeed from any brand advertising

Facebook will build a newsfeed from any brand advertising
Yandeks.Zakladkah save save save to Google Bookmarks Delicious
Social network Facebook is preparing to test a new advertising service that will enable companies to integrate advertising in a news users, regardless of whether they have set or one of their friends, "Laika" on page brand.
According to rumors, the company will be able to target my own ads on the basis of the information specified in the user profiles of social network. Currently in the news reports appear only those companies that the user himself or for himself noted noted by his friends.
"These ads will look like the other reports in the news, but will be marked as advertisements. This will be a small check in the course of which we will be able to get constant feedback from the audience to improve our marketing services "- quoted Facebook representative Annie Ta (Annie Ta) AdWeek.
Until this year, Facebook news feed was not advertising, but in January, these messages started to appear. This feature, according to founder Mark Zuckerberg network, brings the company about $ 1 million a day. Zuckerberg also said earlier that the administration will limit the number of Facebook advertising to maintain "quality of news feeds." Recently, Facebook also has been started beta testing a new promotional tool for the advancement of mobile programs.Help "Ruformatora"FacebookThe company: FacebookFacebook - the popular social network, launched February 4, 2004. The founder of the service is Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg). By the summer of 2010 on the site was ...

Traders believe that Harvard hastened by buying shares of Facebook

Traders believe that Harvard hastened by buying shares of Facebook
Traders believe that Harvard hastened by buying shares of Facebook popular US-based company called Harvard Management Co, which controls all the assets of the prestigious and richest in the world, Harvard University, bought a large stake in the social network Facebook, which is owned by Mark Zuckerberg, a former student at Harvard . With regard to the amount of the deal, it amounted to 46.14 thousand dollars.What people think about this purchase, analysts and traders the world's leading companies, brokers, found out in the "Russian News" journalists "Market Leader".
Harvard University - this is a very prestigious school specializing in different areas, except for the exchange, leading experts explain the project better learning forex and stock exchanges in Europe 2009-2012, the Academy of Masterforex-V. The world is always appreciated and respected experts from Harvard.
In addition, as experts believe, was a mistake to purchase shares of the company, which is just located in the bearish trend on U.S. exchanges. This acquisition relates to the class failed, because the most likely course of actions Facebook will decline further.Many investors, which imposes high hopes on the social network Facebook, in the end had to incur losses and more than once. They received only information about the loss of Facebook, instead of the desired profits, which were to arise after the transformation of messages and advertising pages.
The last statement of this kind - a report of the second quarter of 2012, which dealt with the company for damages in the amount of 157 million dollars.
During the second quarter of Facebook has been invested far more resources than the previous year. Such expenses of the company rose to 413 million dollars, three times.Harvard University is a prestigious educational institution in the field of law. Dentistry, political scientists, design, but do not trade on an exchange, assume an analyst at broker FX Clearing. It is unlikely that the authority of the university will be able to influence the trend is bearish sentiment of the largest investors. The amount held on the purchase of $ 436.17 thousand U.S. dollars is not very large for American stock exchanges, and for Harvard University, so no major changes for the better for investors and traders in the shares of Facebook and will not be. It is likely that, due to ill-considered purchase of shares will be a series of negative statements and accusations of incompetence, representatives from Harvard.

Facebook expects the sale day

Facebook expects the sale day
Insiders - early investors and employees of Facebook - from Thursday will bring in a free market sale of their shares in the transaction to which social networks to function after the IPO period restrictions, writes The Financial Times.
The world's largest social network Facebook held an initial public offering of its shares on the Nasdaq National Market on May 18 this year. As a result of offers for free circulation were produced 421.23 million ordinary shares of Facebook, of which 180 million sold by the company, and 241.23 million - Existing shareholders.
Facebook's stock price in the IPO was set at $ 38. However, over the past three months, their prices have dropped by almost half - on the Nasdaq closing price Tuesday of one share of social networks accounted for 20.38 dollars.
Facebook has followed a number of other companies, and introduced the period of restrictions on the sale of its shares to investors and finance its business in the early stages of development, as well as employees who received the securities in the form of remuneration.
All shareholders Facebook, which were established prior to placing the company on the stock exchange, is now prohibited from selling their shares. For different groups of shareholders has a different period of the moratorium. The shortest is set for those who sell securities in the IPO: 90 days from the date of posting (for all but the social network founder Mark Zuckerberg, it is longer).
These 90 days will expire on August 16, reminiscent of "Vedomosti", released under the ban of about 271 million shares, the company said, it is 12.6% of the share capital, which is comparable with its "free float" - now in the free float of around 20 %.
The largest shareholders, which lifted the ban, including Group (2,3%), August 16 will have the right to sell part of their packages. Will sell their shares, and DST Global Group, their representatives did not comment. Close to one of these companies are a source told the publication that "negotiations."
"I would not be surprised if some investors are willing to sell shares in Facebook: many fear that they will continue to become cheaper," - says the analyst "Uralsib" Konstantin Belov. Prerequisites for significant growth not: Investors are no longer convincing increase in the number of accounts in the social network - you need to make it spilled over into revenue growth. It is clear that social networks affect the sale of securities and quotes Group, which owns a significant stake of Facebook, says Belov.

Facebook launched the icons to denote same-sex marriage

According to Mashable. one of the world's leading social networks Facebook showed the world the new designation of same-sex marriages in which the usual pair of "bride and groom" can now be changed to the picture of same-sex couples.
Now, you can specify the same-sex relationships, and specifically to display the status of relations, was first noticed by bloggers this possibility, when the founders of a social network (Chris Hughes), Chris Hughes on the site showed the marriage to work with a partner (Sean Eldridge) Eldridge Shawn. Icon representing a same-sex relationships Marriage is a picture in the form of two suitors.
Facebook launched the icons to denote same-sex marriage
But Facebook's not the first time supports gay marriage because of the new features. Social Network has dobalvyala in February 2011 with a version of "marital status" extension option "domestic partnership" and "civil union" that assessed and approved gay supporters.
In addition, together with the corporation, or GLAAD Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation have been active in the fight against threats and jeers - a cyber-bullying = about people with same-sex relationships in sotseseti. Today the company is also actively involved in several organizations in support of gay - of communities. The company became the first web - a resource which has received the Media Award GLAAD Award for its support of LGBT organizations (a term that appeared in the English language to refer to sexual minorities as a whole, which includes bisexual, gay, transgender and lesbian).
Same-sex relationships can now be registered as married couples in many countries around the world, which also includes Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, Canada and other countries.
In some U.S. states are also allowed same-sex relationships, as in the capital Meksisi. But these relationships are more limited in comparison with the family, in the legal sense of "same-sex partnerships" (civil unions or civil partnerships), which are written in most countries of Northern and Western Europe.
And this is another advantage of Facebook over other social networks.

A resident of Germany will pay more than 200 000 euros for a party organized with Facebook

A resident of Germany will pay more than 200 000 euros for a party organized with FacebookA German court has sentenced 20-year-old young man who organized the party through Facebook, obliging him to pay a fine of 227,000 euros.
Told the young man, he often attended these parties, after which he came up with the idea to organize a large event, which he planned to spend on the public beach of Lake Constance.
On the Facebook page a thousand people declared their intention to participate in this event. However, the city government banned the party in advance, according to Expansion.
As a result, the beach were about 150 people, eight of whom were arrested for refusing to leave the beach. In place of the feast were sent 300 police officers.
"This is not the first illegal party, organized through Facebook, I just thought I could do something more spectacular and impressive" - ​​said the German fined.
Now a young man who earns 560 euros a month, will have to pay a fine of $ 227,052 to cover the costs of the police.

Sociabell - a new plugin to search via Facebook

Sociabell - a new plugin to search via Facebook

SociabellStandartny search on Facebook sometimes suffers from inaccuracy, so the developers decided to create a free plug-in search social networks. Now you can enter a query directly to Facebook, and in the box that appears select the resource that are looking to find the answer to (Google, Wikipedia, Youtube, Yahoo, Twitter), or looking in all at once.

Perhaps the most interesting option Sociabell (the so-called new plug-in search) - the opportunity to publish your request on the Facebook page and connect your friends to find. This, according to developers, making plug-social. This option will immediately put in their information about what you are looking for a rare book, a scientific paper or are interested in the question, if there life on Mars.

Sociabell supports three browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Facebook offers to donate organs

Facebook offers to donate organs
At the initiative of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg introduces a new option. In the "Life Event" will appear in the timeline graph profile "organ donor". It shows the user whether it is an organ donor. At the same organ (s) are not specified and the user can make this information public or to hide. Those who suggest that are donors can specify where and when they embarked on the record and tell you why it took such a decision. Those who are not donors, called the reference to registration in the relevant medical institution.Donor agencies to Facebook
In an interview, Mark Zuckerberg said that heard about the problems of people who need donor organs and have to wait for them for years. "Experts in the field of medicine is considered: the more people will be informed about the problem, the more there willing to help," says Mark. Thanks to his girlfriend, a student of the Faculty of Medicine, Mark thought about a new option for Facebook. And he remembers the stories of Steve Jobs, with whom Mark was friends, at that time, the great founder of Apple donor liver transplant done.
While the option "organ donor" is enabled only for users in the U.S. and the UK. Lawyers Facebook assess the situation in countries where organ donation is prohibited or permitted by law.

In clothing stores, "C & A» set of online counters Laikov

In clothing stores, "C & A» set of online counters Laikov

In clothing stores, "C & A» set counters laykovNestandartny marketing ploy invented overseas distribution network advertisers "C & A». They found the online counter "Laikov" hanging on the clothes. Now buyers can see how many times "layknuli" photo of a product on the official website of "C & A» on Facebook. Counters work in real time: a social network estimated count, and the new "husky" instantly appears on the dial, set into a rack.

Vendors do not expect that such sales will increase at times, but the creative idea, no doubt, attract the attention of buyers.

At the moment, hanger, integrated with Facebook, only available in stores in Brazil "C & A». Presumably, they would shortly appear in the European offices of the company

Free group chat on Facebook from ooVoo

Free group chat on Facebook from ooVoo
The company ooVoo, which offers online service to communicate with the participation of up to 12 companions at the same time, prezentirovala your application for Facebook. For several months, developers have tested the beta version of the application, and now it has been used by more than 350,000 people. As the executive director of resource ooVoo Bakharov Yuval, officially announced the testing was not, and people find their own test application. This fact once again confirms that Facebook users are eager to communicate simultaneously with several online friends.Free group chat in FacebookFacebook application is available for almost all platforms including PC, Android, iOS and Mac. Even if your friend does not launch the application, you can send him a link to an online conference, and thus add to the list of interviewees.
Format of the application service like Google Hangouts in a social network Google + (contact up to 10 people at a time). But in the ooVoo Facebook iPad owners are a function of HD-video format that nobody but ooVoo, can not yet offer.
The company plans - to make the product more functional and comfortable. "I would like to see our platform for communication has become an important part of online communication between our users," said Yuval Bakharov.

Scams on Facebook

Scams on Facebook
Fraud in FacebookFacebook with its 900 millionth user audience not only attracts advertisers, and online scams. With the help of free applications and more effectively the content they infect users' computers.
The classical scheme of fraud - hacking the account sending spam to friends and asked to borrow money. How does it work? Users will enter their user name and password to a fake Facebook page, and thus open the way for violators. When a person logs on to your page, Facebook is no longer asks him to enter their data again. But if you have installed and followed the link and the page, similar to home, asks to re-enter login and password, you should know: it's crooks want to get access to your profile.
Clearly fraudulent application Profile Visitor supposedly shows the user "guest" of his page. The application shall publish on the wall by the picture and a link to another site, and your friends are notified that they are marked in this picture. Clicking on the picture, you automatically get a malicious site. He or infect your computer, or request the data with which to cause financial harm. For example, ask for a phone number and will send to mobile code that supposedly will help inform you about visiting your page or anything like that. In fact, entering the code, you subscribe to a paid service, and monthly from your account the amount will go.

Completed ballot to change the Facebook privacy policy

Completed ballot to change the Facebook privacy policy
Facebook privatnostVosmogo June completed an online vote on changes to the privacy policy of user information. Nick voted clearly against the proposed innovation, but, alas, their voices are too small to influence the decision of the founders of Facebook.
In an application that allows familiar with the old and new versions of the privacy policy and the "Regulations on rights and responsibilities," noted: the vote will be taken into account under the condition that it will be attended by at least 30% of the users of Facebook, that is, More than 270 million people.
Since the turnout of only 342,600 users, their opinion will be advisory in nature. It is remarkable: only 13% of voters supported the innovation, the other opposed. "It is disappointing that only a very small percentage of people registered their opinion," said spokesman Jamie Skopflin Facebook.
According to activist groups Europe vs Facebook, which provoked a vote, the administration of social networking is not enough highlighted the forthcoming "elections", and many users do not even know about it - and therefore could not participate.

Its own Facebook from the Russian government?

Its own Facebook from the Russian government?
Social Network of the Russian edition of The Guardian pravitelstvaBritanskoe says, while the Chinese government monitors popular social network in Russia, the authorities intend to start your own social network.
According to The Guardian, the Russian government is going to create a network similar to Facebook, where you can share links, images and video. As a basis for future social networks will take the existing services that are intended for online communication between public officials and filed a complaint and proposals by citizens.
Presumably, an initiative of the ruling circles due to the fact that social media have become a powerful weapon in the hands of community activists. As a general rule, meetings of citizens, acting in connection with political events in Russia, organized through social networks. A new opposition leaders were well known for keeping notes, social networking and blogs.
If you created at the request of the government will become a popular social network, the administration will be a great opportunity to censor records and reports of users. However, the developers will be able to promote this product? After all, Russia already has leaders such as Facebook, Classmates and Facebook. Hardly anyone wants to go from them to the network, which is controlled by the state.

Facebook described how users deal with complaints

Facebook described how users deal with complaints
On the official Facebook blog entry was published, revealing yet another mystery inside the kitchen. What happens when the user presses the button "complaint" and thus inform the administration about the abusive messages or comments?
It turns out that to deal with complaints, there are special teams, each specializing in certain subjects: racial hatred, sexual harassment, spamming. They are also looking statements about the threats of vandalism, drug use, suicidal tendencies. If the administration of Facebook are serious grounds to believe a crime is entitled to contact the police or call the hotline in crisis situations. It is logical that the focus of the police will not only user, who is complaining, but the one who complained. So if you do not want so much attention to yourself, think twice before you write the administration.
Elaborate scheme of the complaint (click on the picture above to enlarge) includes the concept of social REPORTING. This is a new option that Facebook launched in March 2012. Social REPORTING allows you to pitch directly to your friends - so they were able to resolve your conflict with the user. Thus, users are able to resolve part of the incident itself.

Post to Facebook: necessity or luxury?

Post to Facebook: necessity or luxury?
 Post to Facebook FacebookBez notice replaces the address in your e-mail users Recall feysbukovskaya-mail was introduced in 2010: it was thought that it was "kill" a giant, even Gmail, but has not achieved much success. Perhaps this is why social networks are now the team is trying to promote their product as questionable methods such as forced change of address.
Users' questions, why not just about innovation no one asked, but did not feel the need to notify, a spokesman for Facebook said the changes were advertised in April this year, and there is no compulsion - the user can always change the address by going to settings.
However, it is likely that many will not know about the new mail, or prefer not to change it.
By itself, E-mail Facebook is no worse than usual. But keep in mind: the letters that it considers spam are automatically deposited in your "Other". And the owner does not receive any notification.
To change the settings, open your profile and in the box "Personal Information" to open the "Details". Then go on the block "Contact", edit it and choose which email address to hide from the chronicles of, and what to show. Click "Save Changes".

«Save For Later» - a new feature of Facebook

«Save For Later» - a new feature of Facebook
Save For Later on FacebookFacebook pleased its users feature «Save For Later», allowing to store information in order to read it later. The required content falls into the designated folder in which you can access from any device on which you are authorized.
While the new functionality was tested for the case is not for everyone, because it is available only to users with devices on iOS and Android. On the desktop «Save For Later» will be available shortly.
When this feature appears in the account, Facebook, the user sees in the news the following message: "Press and hold the news that you have chosen for further study in order to save her."
The functionality provided by Facebook, has approximately the same principle, which is implemented in many other companies and sites: you can simply mark a status update from one of his friends, and it immediately turns the folder «Saved», accessible only to you.
With the option «Save For Later» Facebook will be able to compete with many reputable sites, whether or Instapaper Flipboard. They also allow all who wish to delay news and other information available on the Internet for later study.
However, the new Facebook feature takes a somewhat different position than the one that employs the aforementioned competitors, but the overall direction of the selected social network can be called correct. This step is similar to updating Facebook, what happened not so long ago, when the users allowed to make lists of friends with a "favorite" and, separately, to subscribe to the news of the various brands.
In addition, the company this week, Facebook was made a statement that it has plans to improve the algorithms for working with photos, but it is going to provide users with the ability to mark a variety of images as "favorite". In the future, they are more likely to be seen in the news photos of the people whose pictures they used to define a "favorite."
At the moment the function «Save For Later» and «Favorit», designed for photos, mostly available in the U.S.. But users in other countries do not need to worry, because the for these mass update will come later. Moreover, it has come to a part of mobile devices. Wait is quite a bit!

New button on Facebook

New button on Facebook
In addition to the button "I like» (Like) social networking site Facebook plans to launch several new buttons by which users will be able to recommend music to friends, books and videos, as well as to indicate that they are listened to, read and watched. The functionality of the social network plans to expand buttons Read («I read it»), Listened («listen») and Watched («I looked").
Buttons "I read," "listened" and "looked" should appear in the social network in September 2011. The buttons will be available for the materials directly to each user's news feed Facebook. In addition to these buttons, Facebook plans to soon launch a series of buttons of social commerce. It is already known about the appearance of a new button Want («I»). This functionality has long been used in online stores and other social networks (the same as Twitter). View, take root there similar lists of desires in a social network.
According to sources, this innovation will focus on the slogan of the conference F8 developers - «Read. Watch. Listen »(« Read. Look. Listen "), which will be held today, Sept. 22. More details about all the news from the conference will inform readers m³ shortly.
In addition, let you know that last week, Facebook has introduced a new button Subscribe («Subscribe»), which allows you to edit the content of the news stream by allowing them to monitor for new messages, even people who are not friends. This functionality has been "borrowed" from Twitter.

Facebook LiveJournal in Russia ahead of the number of visitors

Facebook LiveJournal in Russia ahead of the number of visitorsFacebook operedel Livejournal
Facebook operedel Livejournal
At the end of last month, according to company TNS Facebook for the first time ahead of Russia's most popular blogging platform Livejournal. Facebook Audience in Russia in October amounted to more than 13.4 million users, while the audience Livejournal was only 13 million unique visitors. It should be clarified that in October an active social network audience was 4.868 million users, so that it can be assumed that the majority of TNS in the calculation is the transition of social plugins installed at many sites you'll ever need.Despite the fact that most visitors to Facebook in Russia are registered users, Facebook representative in Russia Ekaterina Skorobogatova reports that in a social network there are more pages to which access is open without registration.
Now LiveJournal due to problems with availability, and attacks on its servers, lost part of its ongoing audience, and returned to a performance in 2010, while Facebook is constantly gaining momentum. Head Livejournal Russia Ilya Dronov said that is not quite correct to compare Facebook and Livejournal, because they are completely different things: the social network blogohosting.
Just Learn new leadership promises to take measures that will regain the popularity of the service. So in the plans are going to completely remove the Livejournal ads allow users to place any advertising, and theirs with the most advertising pages disappear service. Such competition should go only to the benefit of users.

Advertise now and in the news Facebook

Advertise now and in the news Facebook
Advertising in the news announcement Facebook Advertising Facebook, which previously appeared in the right column («sponsores stories»), will now be displayed directly to users in the news. From now on a limited number of users of USA, UK, Avtsralii and New Zealand saw their news feeds with new social and promotional offers that show how their friends interact with different brands.
Otlyuchit display of such advertising is not available to users, but if desired it can be removed manually. A new form of advertising advertisements featured stories in the search giant announced late last year. The new species will be featured advertisements are now much more difficult to distinguish from the usual news, as they at first vzgyal no different from themselves the news. The only difference - Featured mark next to the date news.
Looks new ads in the film as follows:
Sponsored ads that appear on the right side of the user profile will continue to be marked as advertising. However, Facebook is considering changing their name in the future.

In Facebook verified profiles appear

In Facebook verified profiles appear
Social network Facebook has provided an opportunity famous celebrities, journalists, athletes, politicians and others who have a lot of readers in subscriptions, the opportunity to prove his identity. It is assumed that this will help avoid duplication of mass profiles znametityh people.
"The new technology allows people to verify their identity by presenting a copy of your ID card," - say representatives of Facebook.
After this test, they will also have the ability to display an alternate name (stage name, nickname, maiden name, author name, etc.) for its news feeds in addition to its present name. For example, users with many followers today receive messages on Facebook to confirm their identity.
The advantages of confirming the identity of celebrities have touted the site co-founder of social network Mark Zuckerberg Facebook at a conference for developers.
As Twitter has long been a reality check of public persons, as a way to build confidence in the veracity of "tweets."

Facebook launched Messenger for Windows

Facebook launched Messenger for Windows
This news may make people more dependent on social network Facebook. The world's largest social networking site has officially launched the Facebook Messenger for Windows. Facebook Messenger is a standalone application that allows you to communicate with friends on Facebook chat on Windows 7.

Messenger lets you send instant messages, receive notifications and read news feed. In other words, this application allows the use of Facebook, not on most social networking site.
It should be noted that the Facebook Messenger can significantly undermine the position of other chat clients. It should also increase the activity of users of social networks, make spending more time on Facebook and will provide transitions desktop software to the site through ticker messages and notifications.
Friends with whom the user communicates constantly, will appear at the top of the list, a separate unit. Group chat and video while in the application are not available. Privacy settings are taken from the settings of your profile. Download and install the Facebook Messenger, please visit

Russians won the competition for programmers to Facebook

Russians won the competition for programmers to Facebook
Russian programmers for the second year in a row receiving first place in the international competition programmer Facebook Hacker Cup, which organizes social network Facebook.
In total, Facebook Hacker Cup in January, attended by more than 6,000 applicants from around the world. After 4 rounds of correspondence are the best programmers were invited to the finals. 17 March 25 finalists took part in the decisive part of the competition in California in the new campus of Facebook. It is said that all travel expenses claimed social network Facebook.
After three hours of competition, Facebook announced the winners of 2012:
1st place: Roman Andreev of Russia, who completed the task in 1 hour 4 minutes for a minute faster than the representative of the United States.2nd place: Tomek Seagull from the USA (1 hour 5 minutes)3rd place: Tiancheng Loo of China (1 hour 44 minutes)
The winner got a prize of $ 5,000 for first place, but much more so that the novel Andreev named one of the best programmers in the world.Novel Andreev - the winner Facebook Hacker Cup 2012
Novel Andreev - Facebook Hacker Cup winner in 2012 (photo by press service of Facebook)
In the final competition included the following countries: Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Poland, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan and the USA.
In 2012, Facebook Hacker Cup was held for the second time. In the first contest, held in March 2011, defeated the Russians Mitrichev Peter, a graduate of mechanics and mathematics of Moscow State University.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Held IPO Facebook

In the evening took place on May 17th starting togrov shares and an IPO of social network Facebook. Total kompaniney produced more than 421 million shares. Initial public offering took place on the top of the price range: the value of one security was 38 U.S. dollars. According to the official release of the company's shares on the NASDAQ togruyutsya under the ticker FB.

So now we can say that the social network Facebook has managed to attract up to U.S. $ 16 billion and the value of the company according to this assessment amounted to more than 104 billion dollars. It should be noted that the scrip does not include the possible sale of 63 million additional shares in the 30-day option for the underwriters (63.18 million additional shares of Class A), attracted by the amount of money sredstvr can grow for another several billion dollars.

Such an IPO did Mark Zuckerberg the founder of the network (who recently turned 28 years old), the 29th richest person on the planet, and its state sechas estimated at $ 19.1 billion

Facebook has more than 80 million bots

Facebook has more than 80 million bots
Social network Facebook announced that 8.7% of active accounts (about 83 million accounts) have violated the rules for use of the network: it dubrirovannye accounts, accounts of organizations and spam-bots.
In its quarterly report updated the Facebook accounts of incorrect data on the number of which now boasts 83 million users already. The company estimates that 4.8 percent of the 955 million monthly active users - dubbed akkanty. For example, a user can use one account to communicate with friends at work, and the other used for family and close friends.
The same Facebook reports that 2.4 percent of accounts - accounts incorrectly categorized, for example creating a personal profile for the business, organization, or a pet. On Facebook, under the terms of the social network service, such accounts are to be pages.
Facebook also estimates that 1.5 percent of monthly active users - "junk accounts" that do not belong to real people and are designed for spam or other purposes that violate the rules of social networking.